three miles/three reasons to rally


Today's run fell into the category of "I should have known better" (mile 1) and "I did this to myself" (mile 2) and "what's the point" (mile 3) and at halfway I texted my dear wildcats as I contemplated throwing myself into the lake I was attempting to run around. Since I have absolutely zero races on the calendar (just a sick need to continue this run streak), I've also got zero accountability to run more than a mile, and here I was, 3 miles from home and dehydrated like a raisin. Throwing myself into the lake would have accomplished a few things, namely, cooling down (it was 82°) and ultimately, putting an end to this run (wet shoes are no fun). Except, I'd still have to get home and it would probably have taken longer to get an Uber than to run home. So there's that.

So, in the spirit of rallying for 3 miles, here are 3 things to keep, well, rallying.

  1. "Listen: Failure is not something to be ashamed of, it's something to be POWERED by. Failure is the highest octane fuel your life can run on. You gotta learn to make failure your fuel." - Abby Wambach, 2018 Barnard Commencement
  2. Basically every single damn thing related to #HomeToVote (I'm not crying, you're crying)
  3. last month's Hamildrop

In other news, I am still finding glitter in inappropriate places, thanks to last week's Bay to Breakers. I'd like to think I sweat it all out on today's run, but I'm sure tomorrow will prove me wrong.