some pictures, barely any words

I was in Copenhagen almost two months ago, but since I was just in the United Kingdom last week, if I post both trips together, that kind of evens it out, right?

In all "seriousness" - no good in letting photos collect metaphorical dust on a hard drive, especially if I did drag a real camera around on both of these trips (and I am trying to do this more often, as opposed to only packing my camera bag for work trips, even though my back always hurts and whine whine whine). 


Copenhagen involved: a whole lot of castles (even if they're not as warm as you might think), museums (hello Degas sculptures!) and cozy cafés to escape the chill. For a girl who hates winter, the constant fairy lights and mulled wine and pastries on every corner made it manageable. Good company, also, is always a bonus. Thanks for letting me tag along on your trip, Liz! 

I do plan on coming back in the summer at some point, because there are beaches to lay out on and hidden giants to find. But that's for another adventure.


I stopped by London to see friends on my way back from a work trip, so life the last week has involved picture editing in cafes with giant cups of coffee or working on couches with a little brown dog. Over the weekend, we took the train to Cambridge, which is less than an hour's ride from London (the perfect amount of time for a nap) and while I didn't actually go punting, it was just as fun to watch people avoid crashes as opposed to, well, causing any crashes.