there is no secret - keep going

Berlin is in TEN DAYS and since this is the first time I'm writing about it, clearly I did a GREAT JOB on the blogging front. Whoops. I've got a lot to say on this training cycle (I hired a coach! I went to a million hours of yoga! I cheated on my orthopedist with an acupuncturist!) but I don't want to jinx anything and I am incredibly superstitious leading up to marathons.

At the beginning of this year I said I wanted to BQ at Berlin, but that's not my main goal anymore.  My main goal is to chase down a giant PR and have fun and run with a lot of heart and courage and cross that finish line knowing that I gave it my all. Because if I can't do that, I can't in good faith chase my unicorn eventually.

And by eventually, I mean next year. But more on that later.