t-1 week

Somewhat accidentally, and in the best way possible, I found a route home from work that's about 10.5 miles, which basically means I get my long run out of the way and I don't have to sit in traffic. Hallelujah. 

And, after spending the last three months of trying to regain fitness (and um, that whole bit about learning how to swim - which I know is something I will always have to be working on), I'm pretty excited to get into 70.3 training!  It all starts one week from tomorrow, which is terrifying in the best way possible.

I've been much more consistent this month about getting ready to train by varying my workouts, and while my body is tired, it's definitely been worth it. Most days consist of some combination of running/biking, running/swimming, swimming/biking, but not as bricks (yet). I've only done one brick workout and I thought I was going to die, but I also used the run portion to get in some hill repeats so... maybe that wasn't the best.

What's most fascinating right now is what's going on re: how hungry I am, and what I'm hungry for.  It's not as bad as marathon training, but I do think it will get worse. Some days all I want to do is mow down a field of kale and other days I make doe eyes/velociraptor stares at friends until they come with me to Shack Shake so I can order about 56345345 calories and consume it in 15 seconds flat.   

ANYWAY. Things I'm obsessed with: Oiselle all day, every day but particularly their new swim line; electrolytes from Nuun, and this tri kit from Coeur!  

So here we go! Another day, another adventure. And hopefully more consistent blogging.