a weekend in portland

Erin and I drove up to Portland one weekend because I wanted donuts and Duckfat and to road trip, and she's always been a pretty supportive friend who knows when to not bother trying to talk me out of things. We caught what I hope was the last of winter, but that's okay because New England weather is the biggest diva of them all... and I'm used to it.

  1. the dark chocolate sea salt is the best. (Sorry maple bacon.)
  2. I'm pretty sure eating these two days in a row was the main reason I could happily run 10.5 miles home a few days later.
  3. it's up to you to decide whether or not that might mean a) donuts in general b) one box/day c) one box/weekend or d) other.  
  4. I'm not telling what the answer is and I'm not sorry.