Running, a love story

(Just kidding.)

Running earlier this month, while on vacation on the other side of the world, looked like this: wake up 5:30ish to chirping rainbow lorikeets.  Roll out of bed (because running clothes = sleeping clothes = maximum vacation packing efficiency), lace up shoes, run a few slow miles on the beach.  Watch the sun rise over the mountains. Get eaten alive by mosquitos.  Jump into the surf to cool down. Worry (but only briefly) about irukandji jellies that have supposedly been seen in the water recently.  Drink an iced coffee for recovery.  FYI, this basically means ice cream for breakfast, because supposedly a 'proper iced coffee' means espresso + ice + ice cream.  I'm not complaining.

And now, running (when it doesn't involve sneaking out of work at lunch to go for a quick 5k) looks like this: wake up 6am to TOTAL DARKNESS... and snow.  Go back to sleep.  Wake up a few hours later and say screw it - snow is better than ice.  Also, thank god I'm not actually stuck to a training schedule.  Make a smoothie for breakfast.  Decide the temperature outside is 'stupid cold' but not 'unreasonably cold' which means wear ALL THE WOOL. Run two miles cursing every single person who decided to not shovel their sidewalk. Spend the next two miles considering if investing in snowshoes is a good idea.  Realize it's easier to run through fresh snow than follow someone else's tracks.  (Is this a metaphor for life or what?)  End up running in the road. Run seven miles total, because everything is beautiful and nothing hurts - for the first time since October. Eat a pan of brownies for lunch. 

And... 2016 goals, because all the cool kids are doing it!

  1. get to the starting line healthy
  2. only sign up for races that are exciting and fun (so, no marathons this year because nope)
  3. give everything I sign up for my all
  4. do the things that are irrationally scary (i.e., 70.3!!)
  5. blog more, dammit.