I solemnly swear I will update this blog more... later

Whenever I decide screw nutrition, it always ends up screwing me.  Always.

And while I do love me some kale, sometimes you need to sacrifice a week of good running to get dressed up in high heels, drink champagne, eat your weight in cupcakes and croissants, watch one of your oldest and dearest best friends get married, and dance your heart out to a song that also works really well for running.

Well.  Trying to run, anyway.  

April was kind of a lousy month in general, but I'm hoping I got all the bad running juju for the month of May because you'd think that one out of two attempts at a long run in a weekend would be be successful, right?  WRONG.  But, I've got a half at the end of this month and training for the New York City Marathon starts up in June, so NO MORE EXCUSES.

Also because I bought these tights and they're just too great to not run in.