This is what my long run on Saturday looked like.  FAIL.  The other fail was my attempt to do math while running -- I decided that roughly half of 13.1 was 7.6 and not 6.6 (because who wants to run 6.55).  GOOD JOB.  In light of that, and because today's combination of spin and running home completely kicked my butt for some reason and I might never leave the couch again... here are some recent favorites (and no, New England weather is not on there).

  • This asparagus frittata from Cookie + Kate (my new favorite food blog), which is amazing by itself, but even better sandwiched between two pieces of Iggy's bread
  • Dresses by Maggy London because 'tis the season to go to weddings
  • Picky Bars, because they're perfect for work trips and for running
  • Ridiculously amazing running tights from Nike, which I am actually just dating online and not committing to because they are so expensive but they are also so beautiful and I would never take them off if I owned them
  • This dorky back pack from REI which was such an ordeal to get but so worth it, because now I can RUN to work instead of WALK, which means my mileage is finally getting back up there and I'm early to work

...still working on getting off that couch, guys.