life, lately (another attempt at pretending this is a regularly tended blog)

After almost three weeks of being able to run regularly, my BFF right knee said, Hey!  I don't want to try that 7-miler you wanted to attempt today, too bad!

And the great part about not training for anything is that I can spend the rest of the day re-reading Harry Potter and hanging out with a dinosaur pretending to be a parrot.  It's not a bad life.  I just wish my knee would cooperate, but I'll worry about that later.  It's nice to not be attached to a schedule, yet I know I'll be itching for one sooner rather than later. 

And by 'sooner rather than later' I really mean 'in a few days.'  Definitely by January 1st. Especially when afternoon runs look like this.  Because when you can run in a tank top in December in New England, you must run.  It's a cardinal rule of running, didn't you know?  Thou Shalt Not Waste Beautiful Days.

At the same time, I'm pretty sure another cardinal rule of running is Thou Shalt Not Be An Idiot. Which is a rule that I've been reallllllllly excelling at breaking, so as this year finally comes to a close, I'll listen to my knee and not be an idiot.  This time.

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