(insert sad trombone noise here)

Things I am not good at: blogging, knowing when to walk away.

A week ago today, I got a medal solely because I decided not to be a quitter.  I'm not proud.  And now that we're a week out and my right knee is still only functioning at about 80% (just walking), I'm still not convinced I made the right decision.  A lot of sleep, some crying, a milkshake (or two), electric heating pads, KT tape, and The Stick have made a huge difference. 

Kara Goucher says it best, in a blog post she wrote about her performance at the 2014 NYC Marathon: "We don’t always get what we want.  Sometimes we work so hard, only to stumble. But our hard work is not lost. The work we do happened and although we may not have been able to show it on the day we hoped, it will be realized later on."

On the bright side!  I raised more than $4,000 for PIH.  So that's a pretty huge silver lining.

...and while the NYC Marathon was emotionally and physically painful, I still love this stupid, mind-boggling, body-wrecking distance, and I'll run another 26.2.  And actually run the damn thing this time.  

(What's that noise, you ask?  I think that's the sound of my orthopedist buying a fancy vacation home in cold, hard cash.)