this is how you grown up snow day

I guess it was a little premature of me to use "do you want to build a snowman" as a blog title, huh?

For the record - I don't really believe in the French toast alert system.  If the world will end in ice, I want it to end deliciously, with real food. (Don't get me wrong, I love toast, but... not as a last meal.) 

Pomelo yogurt cake, adapted from Smitten Kitchen (browned butter + a little more salt since pomelos are a little sweeter)

Rules of running in a blizzard = beware of snow plows, run with company, work on that core strength; and no, climbing snow drifts ≠ hill repeats

Photo Jan 27, 3 07 04 PM (1).jpg

Two meals with plenty of leftovers: tomato & sausage risotto (Smitten Kitchen) & chicken in milk with fettuccine & wilted spinach (Jamie Oliver