welcome to the cookie factory

I have covered my parents' kitchen with flour clouds and stray pieces of chocolate chips and filled the freezer with several dozen balls of cookie dough.  I'd say my work here is done.

My food/running log looks ridiculous.  Between track workouts and the usual food that occurs when celebrating New Years the Filipino way (and there is no better way, let me tell you), the last few days have entries dotted with a somewhat obscene number of chocolate chip cookies with age indicators (1-hour old/12-hour old -- but really maybe more like  16/24-hour old/36-hour old).  

I think the 36-hour ones taste the best, which means I could have ignored all of the Google searches and just relied on the good ol' New York Times to tell me how to cookie... but if I hadn't scoured the Internet, I wouldn't have found this amazing article on Serious Eats that breaks all the variations down.  Not that I actually used this article, because halfway through I just got really confused, but it's really interesting. It also doesn't help that I'm using the same recipe that turns out amazing cookies regardless of how long you let them sit for... or don't let them sit for... or forget halfway through what step you're on and how much of what you've added and therefore just had to guess the rest. 

WHOOPS.  Also, I've also found that chocolate chip cookies provide some of the best running fuel.  Because carbs + glucose + protein.  And you know, I'm barely running more than 3 miles right now, so ask me again later when I get back into distances that I actually enjoy running. 

p.s. these cookies are a variation off of this recipe.