Meals from a few family dinners, and one soup that exists only because both my roommate and I grew up in families that taught us how to make pretty much anything out of leftovers (or die trying).  In this case, we turned the remains of an amazing roast chicken into a white bean and kale soup.  Spoiler alert: while initially skeptical at a slightly bitter broth (probably should have taken out those lemons), we made it work by throwing in some gruyere rinds.  (Also, the roast chicken doesn't exist in photos because it was after my 21 miler and I basically just unhinged my jaw because I desperately needed to replace calories/it was so good Chris, Danny, and I just ate in silence.)

clockwise: zucchini fritters w/ a crispy browned butter egg, brisket on mashed potatoes, white bean & kale soup, turkey chili w/ greek yogurt biscuits.