been a while


The above photo is what I was lucky enough to wake up to when I was in Rwanda for work last month, before running down a mountain and then running (slowly) back up. It was a 2 mile loop and it always won. But I was always happy to keep giving it a shot. Hello, masochism, you taste salty and sweet. And if we're being honest... a little bit like jungle juice. (The bug spray, not the frat drink.)


I did a long-ish run in Kigali before flying home. At home, people wave - or smile - or yell belatedly when they recognize you (maybe that's just me?). But that morning, and I have no idea if this is customary or not (but I hope it is), whenever I crossed paths with someone else who was running, or someone passed me, they clapped! And it was beautiful. Don't ruin it for me.


Why did I bring white running shoes to a country where the dirt is a rich, rich, red? Will I ever learn my lesson? (Nope. In my defense, they're technically the lightest pair of shoes I own, so they are slightly practical.)


Not running related. #MyMorningCommute


Disclaimer: it often feels stupid to come back from a work trip and talk about not being able to run or running in general. "How was your trip?" often gets a response on the lines of "I ran more than 7 miles on the treadmill!" and it's not that being able to run while traveling for work is the most important thing that happened, it's just the constant that makes the most sense in this world that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE right now. 

I am so fortunate to meet amazing people who are doing world-changing and life-saving things, but I don't have the words to begin to express that and sometimes it's just not the most appropriate subject or socially acceptable thing to talk about? So I'll stick to what I know.  Which is running. (And food, but nobody needs to hear about how many Picky Bars I ate while gone.)


I'm procrastinating on packing (as in, I have to be at the airport in about six hours) so here's a list of things that have happened (or didn't happen) in the last two months because that's clearly the best use of my time right meow.

  • I clearly lied about posting regularly (but I thought about it a million times!)
  • I sprained my ankle walking across a parking lot, got diagnosed with peroneal tendinitis (different foot), took a lot of time off running, got kind of okay at swimming, spent more time than I'd like to admit crying and stress eating about having yet another injury, missed all my major brick workouts and therefore did not race 70.3 this summer
  • Experienced the magic that is the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon, which I prepared for like this: come to a sickening realization at the beginning of August that I haven't actually run in the double digits since June and on the last possible day (aka four days before flying out) alternate 12 minutes running with five minutes walking for 11 MILES, and set two non-negotiable goals for that Saturday: do not end up in a boot, and try very hard to finish <3:00... ended up with: no boot, squeaking in with a 1:59, which is by definition a Very Good Day normally, and in these circumstances, pretty miraculous
  • I went on vacation TWICE (!!!!) and one day I will post about how wonderful I think Colorado is, but in the meantime, here's a picture of grown men playing Pok√©mon Go on top of a mountain

Until next time! Which probably means 2017, knowing my track record.