I'm procrastinating on packing (as in, I have to be at the airport in about six hours) so here's a list of things that have happened (or didn't happen) in the last two months because that's clearly the best use of my time right meow.

  • I clearly lied about posting regularly (but I thought about it a million times!)
  • I sprained my ankle walking across a parking lot, got diagnosed with peroneal tendinitis (different foot), took a lot of time off running, got kind of okay at swimming, spent more time than I'd like to admit crying and stress eating about having yet another injury, missed all my major brick workouts and therefore did not race 70.3 this summer
  • Experienced the magic that is the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon, which I prepared for like this: come to a sickening realization at the beginning of August that I haven't actually run in the double digits since June and on the last possible day (aka four days before flying out) alternate 12 minutes running with five minutes walking for 11 MILES, and set two non-negotiable goals for that Saturday: do not end up in a boot, and try very hard to finish <3:00... ended up with: no boot, squeaking in with a 1:59, which is by definition a Very Good Day normally, and in these circumstances, pretty miraculous
  • I went on vacation TWICE (!!!!) and one day I will post about how wonderful I think Colorado is, but in the meantime, here's a picture of grown men playing Pokémon Go on top of a mountain

Until next time! Which probably means 2017, knowing my track record.

hello, June

photo credit: Kasey Weisz 

photo credit: Kasey Weisz 

Uhhhh... so, so much for blogging regularly! Oops. I actually have so many things to write about, but whenever I have the chance to sit down and write something, the opportunity to get outdoors and/or unplug presents itself and I have to take it. 

The last two months have been filled with triathlon training (I survived my first sprint triathlon!) and adventuring (Northeast Bird Camp, hiking!) with both new and old friends, and it all makes me so, so happy. Right now though, I'm feeling a little bit burnt out. Getting a workout in is really just about checking a box to say that I did it and less about actually being happy, so I'm taking some time to reset and hope that I'll be able to hop back into training shortly.  

And in the mean time, there's season five of Scandal on Netflix and plenty of non-swim/bike adventures to be had. Especially ones that end in ice cream.